Doug Baldwin Carries Philippines Flag Onto Century Link Field to Honor Typhoon Haiyan Victims (Photo)

by on Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 9:12PM

The typhoon in the Philippines hit close to home for Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin.

Baldwin has “too many family members to count” living in the Philippines, including his grandmother, according to The Seattle Times. Baldwin’s family is OK, but he still showed his support for the victims of the tragedy by carrying a flag of the Philippines onto Century Link Field before Seattle’s win over the Vikings.

Check out the special moment in the photo below.


Doug Baldwin’s family is primarily in Tacloban in the northern part of the province of Leyte. Baldwin said he had a few nervous moments in the last week before finding out that all are apparently okay. … “It was (stressful) at first just because you didn’t know what was going to happen,” he said Thursday. “Most of them have been accounted for. One of my family member’s house is completely gone and the majority of my family members are staying in my grandmother’s sister’s house. The only thing is that it’s been difficult to get them food and water because it’s not been accessible to do so. But most of them we have heard from and they are doing okay.” Baldwin said he has never been able to visit his family there, saying summers busy with football have helped prevent him getting away — his mother visits often and brings back video and pictures of his family members. But he said he hopes to make a trip there soon. “I’m seriously considering taking time out this off-season to make sure I get out there,” he said. “Because that’s my family.”
RT @Seahawks: Please continue supporting #Haiyan relief. @DougBaldwinJr appreciates your generosity.

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