Message from @Prime Minister Shinzō Abe
I was taken by surprise at the immense response from the people in the Philippines to my English language Facebook entry the other day regarding the dispatch of the Japan Disaster Relief Team to the …Philippines. Astoundingly, the number of “shares” surpassed 30,000 and the number of “likes” reached roughly 70,000. I felt very acutely the enormousness of people’s expectations towards Japan.
We are providing medical treatment on the islands of Leyte and Cebu and transporting supplies to the ravaged areas by airplane. There are already about 100 Japanese conducting relief activities. They will soon bey joined by approximately 900 members of the Self-Defense Forces, who are now aboard a ship headed for the Philippines.
We need to help each other when times are tough. We will face up to this disaster united in our thoughts with the people of the Philippines and the people of the countries extending support.

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