Poem with a Promise

The P word

So, for the past few weeks, the Philippines (well, the Visayan group of Islands, particularly Leyte and its neighbors) has been feeling the love from the rest of the world after it was battered by the monster typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). I though I’d give in other ways besides financial assistance, so I used my points in allpoetry.com to start a poetry contest for its users to come up with inspirational words for the survivors and the affected.

Though I wasn’t able to get many entries (A total of 8 users posted), I think the project was successful as it brought out the best of others’ work with the aim of bringing the hopes and spirits of the victims back up to sunshine-level.

Let me share with you the poem to which I gave the gold medal, “The Aftermath” by Susan Elizabeth:

Predictions couldn’t grasp the typhoon’s wrath

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