After YO-landa (Yolanda Aftermath Part 1 of 3)


The day after Yolanda, I went to attend the Heritage Conservation Summit, and learned a lot about Adaptive Reuse. [Oh, and this reminds me to send those intro emails for the conservation project we’ll be doing in Bulusan.]

On the 10th, I had a scheduled Chinese Cemetery tour with my good friend, Marco Puzon. And it’s our only common time to bond, so I had to do this or it’ll take a long time before we could ever schedule again. Just before meeting Marco and Meg (and later on Anna), I was checking FB, and found that they need volunteers for repacking in DSWD-NROP. I thought that would be a good way to end the day. Later did I realize that that decision to go, sparked off my network’s interest in volunteering.

In such short notice, I got to meet more of my #ProjectJomalig wave1 friends, Shammy, Zarina and Arvin…

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