The Light of Hope and Survival

The Renewable Energy Enterprises Foundation

TYPHOON-HAIYAN-2013Super typhoon Haiyan has slammed Tacloban, Leyte, central Philippines on Nov 10, 2013. Death toll has risen to 10,000 approximately. No building in the coastal city possibly have escaped damage from Haiyan. How can Mother Nature behave in such a cruel and inscrutable way? In a tearful speech Yeb Sano, the Philippines’ climate change commissioner, said that the storm’s historic strength is directly tied to rising sea levels and shifting weather patterns. Haiyan tragedy underscores the burning need of environment protection.

Disaster relief organizations went immediately to provide food, medicine, clean water and shelter. Aid struggled and is still struggling to reach victims as wires, trees and debris cut off access to areas of Typhoon-ravaged city. Almost all of the relief supplies reaching the Leyte province do not include light. Renewable Energy Enterprise Foundation’s (REEF) president recently arrived from the Philippines. Reports from Manila say that the city of 350,000 will not have…

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