This story is not mine. This is a story of God’s saving grace towards me, my sister, friends, and the seven-month old baby with us at that time.

Last November 4, I was sent to Tacloban City, my hometown to organize a CCF couples’ retreat for the Taclobanon people. The news about super typhoon Yolanda came in November 7. I wasn’t very concerned about it because I was so focused on the upcoming Nov 9-10 couples retreat. We had 40 couple participants so we were praying that retreat would not be cancelled and the typhoon would either be redirected or dissipated. However, it was announced in the news that the coming typhoon was more powerful than Hurricane Katrina. My DGroup leader called and warned me. A friend in Tacloban also called and asked me to immediately get out of the city. God gave me wisdom and He set my focus on preparing for the typhoon.

My first miracle was because the cabana I stayed in was right beside the seashore, I feared that the storm surge would hit us and drown all of us in the cabana. I prayed to God and worshiped Him, and held on to His promise in Proverbs 10:24-25 that says that the righteous’ desire will be granted. When the storm swept by, the righteous stands firm forever.

The raging wind and storm surge came and continued for over four hours. Miraculously, our cabana and our lives were spared by God’s grace. And true enough, the angels of the LORD came in the form of Motorcycle Riders Team. They knocked on our door, stretched out their hands and rescued us out of our cabana and brought us up to a safer place because it was feared that the typhoon and storm surge will strike for the second time.


This was our cabana after the typhoon Yolanda swept by and devastated the nearby places. Look how the Lord Almighty shielded and protected us, despite the fact that our cabana was located beside the shore. I believed the Lord God put me in the cabana that did not suffer any damage while the other cabanas were damaged. 

The second miracle was while the other cars were wrecked, our car was spared. One of the hotel guests asked us while pointing to our car, “Who is the owner of that car?” I told him that it was ours. He added, “May anting-anting ba yan? Kasi nahulog na lahat; puno, yero, buko, sira na rin yung ibang sasakyan. Sa inyo na lang ang natira.” I said, “We don’t have anting-anting but I believed that it is God who spared and protected it.”


The third miracle was our store in Tacloban City near the downtown area was also protected and spared from the devastation. Something unexplainable there happened. Despite of the said 17-foot flood, I found my clothes dry. I also found a sack of rice and three gallons of water. This helped us to survive, which included me and three families for three days. Remember the “miracle car”? From Tacloban City, we needed to drive out going to Catbalogan City which is about a 3-hour travel. The gas gauge was almost empty. Again, we prayed and asked God for another miracle. True enough, God made the gas enough to reach Catbalogan City. We managed by God’s grace!

God’s miracles did not just end there. There were too many stories to tell. But the greatest miracle of all is Jesus gave me His peace that surpassed all understanding. People were surprised to see me at peace despite the devastation.

I am Driggs Enriquez Solayao – a Typhoon Yolanda survivor. I was rescued by God and privileged to experience the reality of the living God and His character. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. All Glory and Honor to God alone!



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