Chinese medical teams treating over 1,000 Yolanda victims

by Ron B. LopezNovember 29, 2013 (updated)


More than 1,000 survivors in Eastern Visayas have been treated by medical teams sent by the Chinese government as of Friday. China’s medical teams are now among the fleet of international and local humanitarian missions assisting victims of super typhoon “Yolanda” that struck the Philippines early this month.

Medical teams from Red Cross Society of China (RCSC), one of the earliest teams to arrived at disaster-affected areas, have treated more than 1, 030 patients as of Thursday. The Chinese embassy in Manila said 50 doctors and nurses from the Ministry of Public Health of China were also able to receive 459 patients since setting up medical tents in Abuyog City, Leyte on November 24.

Moreover, The Peace Ark Hospital Ship, one of China’s biggest and most modern floating hospitals, has received more than 100 patients with its medical teams setting up field hospitals in Palo, Leyte to treat patients and transfer victims with severe illness to the ship for operations or further treatment.

The 300-bed Peace Ark, which docked at the country on Sunday, November 24, has more than 100 doctors, 200 supporting personnel, and 35 tons of medical supplies, Chinese embassy added.As of Thursday, its epidemic prevention teams have collected and analyzed several samples of the drinking water in several affected areas. “A report will be finalized and forwarded to the Philippine Office of WHO and Department of Health of the Philippines,” Chinese embassy said in a statement.

It has also sent out seven diplomats to stay with the medical teams to ensure the smooth operations of its medical operations, it added.

China has poured more than $1,700,000 of non-cash aid to the country, aside from its $100, 000 cash donation. Macau, a special administrative region of China, has also donated $630,000 to the country, Department of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday. China’s medical mission for the victims of Yolanda displays how humanitarian cause is above its on-going territorial conflict with the Philippines in the South China Sea.


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