Flea Market Fund Raiser for the Philippines!

Melisa Le Rue


Last Saturday my sister and I booked a table for the Dubai Flea Market in the lovely Safa Park to raise funds for the Philippines.


We woke up around 5.30am to prepare for a 8am market start!


We had about 10 huge super heavy jam packed bags. (My shoulders are still aching! haha)


 Now when the doors open, the place is crazy. People are grabbing items, pleading for AED.10 on an item you planned to sell for AED.50… At first we started with items around AED.20-30 and ended up doing a AED.1 sale at the end to flog the items left!





Highlights of the market include selling a donated Justin Beiber biography (a friends joke secret santa gift!) to a very very happy little girl. and a fully covered older woman rushing to buy my spiky gold stage bra from New york… !





Woohoooo that moment after 7.5 hours…

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