Hope For The Philippines

Incite Magazine

By Decerry Donato

Typhoon Donato 110613

Northern Leyte, Tacloban, and other areas in the Philippines were hit by winds of 150 and 160 mph. Over 23,000 Filipinos were directly affected. Lives were lost, families separated, and many were left homeless out on the streets to starve. Most of these families were living in the poorest areas of the Philippines and when Typhoon Haiyan struck the island, it sent ripples throughout the world causing organizations from all over to take action before the Philippine government.

All I can remember is logging onto my Facebook that morning and the first notification that popped up was the headline of an article that read: “A Powerful Typhoon Speeds Across The Philippines.” I was in disbelief until I clicked the link where it brought me to such horrifying images of the devastation the typhoon had caused. The first image I remember viewing was of a child standing among…

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