Philippines typhoon: the only survivor

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CAFOD’s Nick Harrop has recently returned from the Philippines.He writes:

I am in the town of Palo, standing by a water bladder – an inflatable tank that can hold 10 cubic metres of drinking water – watching it being filled from a truck. More and more people are arriving with jerrycans and buckets, waiting to collect drinking water from the six attached taps.

“I am a survivor of the typhoon!” says a young man standing next to me. “I am a good swimmer!” He smiles and mimes a breast-stroke.

I introduce myself. He tells me in broken English that his name is Edzil and he’s 18 years old.

Towards the sea, to our left, there are no buildings standing – just haphazard piles of wood, collapsed coconut trees, and debris covered in mud. 200 mph winds dragged roofs off buildings, and sent…

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