A Letter of Thanks To All The Donors

My Random Thoughts

It is with utmost sincerity that I express my gratefulness to the international community for having extended their help to the Filipinos. We will be forever indebted to the help that you have given me and my countrymen and it is with my whole heart that I say, “thank you”!

To each and everyone of you who has extended help to the Philippines, thank you. No words can ever describe how grateful my family is receiving help from you.

During November 8, we did not receive any goods even from our local government units. Everyone was a victim. We looked for food, buried our dead, and sought refuge to the castigated homes we have had before Haiyan struck us. The survivors had to help themselves to survive the following days.

All of your help reached the Philippines, nevertheless, there were slight problems because of my fellow Filipinos in the capital…

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