Christmas Cards to Leyte 1

The Scooter Chronicles


Back in November by mother mentioned that there was an NGO in Sapporo that was running a project to collect Christmas cards to send to children in Leyte and Cebu, where damages from typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda were most severe. I told her that it’d be a good project for my students to take part in, and asked her to ask one of the organizers for the address in the Philippines to send the cards directly from Taiwan.

The project description included this: Let’s send Christmas cards to children in Leyte

“The biggest ever typhoon hit central Philippines a week ago and some 1.5 million people lost their houses and they are in need of water and food supplies. I received an e-mail from my friend Ms. Potsky Guerrero who is a Psychologist at the Department of Social Welfare & Development in Manila. She is a specialist to face and give comfort…

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