Finding Hope

There's something in the water

It’s 23 minutes past 6 in the morning.

There is an exhaustion that keeps me silent. I can’t sleep even if my body wants it for my thoughts and the feelings of my heart are heavier than this exhaustion. The unread books horizontally filing in my desk, the light colored blue and pink flowered sheets, the smell of my pillows, and the familiar sound of the street from behind the dusty window met me differently. It’s true. My life will never be the same again after the Samar trip. In a few minutes I will eventually stop writing and get some rest after a very long journey.

Tirus, Ella, Leo, Maureen, Marian… these are few names we left in Brgy. Trinidad, Tubabaw Guiuan Eastern Samar in the 48-hour medical mission trip with 10 remarkable people. We boarded in a C130, an odd-looking astonishing military plane with blaring metal doors, the…

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