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“STRONG” by acclaimed music producer Andrew Lane, was written for the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda. Proceeds from its iTunes sales will go to Lifeline’s initiatives to rebuild lives and livelihoods in Iloilo.

Watch and download this amazingly uplifting video!

music & lyrics by Andrew Lane
co-written by Daniel Curtis Lee
created by
Andrew Lane Christine Berry
executive producers
Andrew Lane Christine Berry Candace Schmidt
published by
Christine Berry and Andrew Lane for Drew Right Music
featuring performances by
Mariah Parks and Daniel Curtis Lee
with spoken word introductions by
Angel Berry and Matthew Parry-Jones (in Filipino)
Samm Smith Angela White Tommy J Mueller Anca Boieru Valentin Borsu
Dan Arnold Johnnie Durocher Myja Christinaa Dee Skappak
Brent Tyler Rowan Hildebrand Carrie Schiffler Gotham
Rev. Ike Chukuka Annie Patterson Trev Kill Courtney Wright-Chukuka
Sammy Jean Kirby Sewell Sangeeta Melo Desistar
Cherilyn Huliganga Al Doell Jace Hewitt Kaplan Doell
Yolanda Sargeant…

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