Finding hope in Guiuan

The Weekly Sillimanian


By Janelle Reserva

Tirus, Ella, Leo, Maureen, Marian… these are the few names we left in Brgy. Trinidad, Tubabaw Guiuan Eastern Samar in the 48-hour medical mission trip. We boarded a C130, an odd-looking astonishing military plane with blaring metal doors, the first plane we all boarded without seat belts. We were seated in between the boxes of relief goods as the plane took us to a place we’ve only heard on television.
We arrived there on a perfect sunset of orange and yellow. It was romantic yet strong and brave all at the same time; it warmed and put to view the outlines of the utter misery of the city.
All the trees as far as we saw were either uprooted or striped on one side at its foliage as it tilted south (as it tilts to a side). If there were roofs on top of the houses, these were either taken off or were made up of sheets of tarpaulins. Children wore torn clothes. Cement and scrap housing materials littered the…

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