Survived Typhoon Haiyan Yolanda and Now Helping Out

Deviliscious's Blog

My partner, Briony, and I were on the last leg of our 4 month 4 country trip. We planned to cap it with a diving trip to Malapascua to see the thresher sharks with UWC batchmate Yemi Aguda who was visiting us from Zurich. We flew in to Malapascua on the 4th of November not knowing about the coming super typhoon. We had just arrived from Israel so we were not up to date with the local news. We didn’t bother to check PAGASA alerts because typhoons don’t normally visit the Central Visayas.

We arrive in Malapascua and checked in at Evolution Diving. The first thing the resort dive instructor said upon greeting was that there was a super typhoon coming. They could have informed us before we left Manila! Anyways we just got off a 6 hour trip and were not in a hurry to get back right away…

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