8 questions & 8 answers on the Philippines, Typhoon and Tourism

Tropicalissimo - Philippines

A recent typhoon called Haiyan (locally named Yolanda) hit the Philippines on November, 2013. Media coverage was very high and we don’t need to repeat about its tragic effects and numbers.

Yet, despite generalizations, we have to remember that the Philippines is a diverse country, made of 7,107 islands and 100 million inhabitants. Only a small part of it was heavily affected!

All the main tourist attractions were not affected by the typhoon and they are ready to be visited. There is absoloutely no problem to visit the Philippines with its amazing beaches, its crystal-clear sea, its rice terraces, its special flora and fauna and so on.

Say it to the world! Please share this post for us and for all people working in the Philippine tourism industry! Use the hashtag #PhilippineHoliday!

1. Was the whole Philippines destroyed by the Super typhoon Haiyan?

No. Only part of provinces of Samar…

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