Faith, Hope and Love One Month After the Storm


December 7, 2013. The air was humid and heady the moment we stepped out of the plane as we took in the sight of the destroyed airport.

tacloban airportSome walls separating the main airport building from the runway were badly damaged if not completely gone, and have been replaced by tarpaulins and tents.

the destroyed tacloban airportThat, however was just the beginning. No amount of pictures seen on the news prepared us for the drive through the city.

Houses and commercial buildings were horribly damaged or totally destroyed. Cars were in unimaginable places and positions. Heaps of garbage and debris with most of the mounds being burned lined the roads. At times, there were body bags left on the street to be picked up and brought to one of several mass graves by a truck that continuously went around the city for this purpose in particular. It was a chilling sight. The endless destruction…

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2 thoughts on “Faith, Hope and Love One Month After the Storm

  1. Thank you for sharing my post. It may have been over a month since the disaster but I hope that constant posts, write-ups and photos about the devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda / Typhoon Haiyan inspire people from our country and all over the world to continue helping out.


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