How the Victims of Earthquake and Super Typhoon Yolanda are Coping up Through a Song, a Prayer

Maxim Sense

(This is just another one of those love posts I had committed to be featured in my blog till Valentine’s Day 02.14.14).

The victims of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake and super typhoon Yolanda- which came a month later, were simply devastated all around, physically, mentally, emotionally and what have you. But not in their determination and spirit to survive and move on. It is not easy but there is no other choice.

Thank God that we are a community of nations and humanity who are quick to extend help and support by whatever means. It was amazing that even China, which has some reasons to hate the Philippines due to the Manila hostage crisis where several Hongkong nationals were killed and the South China / West Philippine sea row, extended support by sending medical personnel, health workers and a floating hospital.

Indeed, in times of severe need and…

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