Merry Christmas?

Treasuring Christ PH

22141We were in Leyte last week, listening to and praying for several survivors of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). We listened to their stories. We saw them cry. Some of them were still trembling in fear at the sight of rain and darkness. They told us that they lost everything. They’re thankful that some “relief” were coming. They might even get Christmas packages for this holiday. But they were wondering what will happen to them once help stops. And how can their Christmas be really “merry” when their hearts are full of pain? And what about the days after Christmas? How can they really celebrate life with joy even in the midst of seemingly never-ending pain?

There’s one “Christmas” story that could help us answer these questions. Let me share that with you…

Note: To download the audio (in mp3), click the “menu” button on the bottom right corner of the sermon…

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