The Heart of a Disaster – Episode 2 – Tears In Heaven

Lighting Darker Paths

Ep2  - header, caption - "Bantang Village, Eastern Samar"

9 December, 9am – Bantang/ Carmen Village (Barangay) Hernanie District, Eastern Samar, The Philippines

“There was twenty eight wasn’t there? We only have twenty-seven written down. Who was twenty eighth, does anyone remember?”

Outside their tent houses five ladies from the coastal village of Bantang casually consider their list as if they were preparing to shop. Sadly there is no milk or bread here; this is a list of those in their village who were victims to Typhoon Yolanda – twenty-eight dead and thirteen missing.

Into the conversation quietly wanders a man in his mid-thirties in a green shirt – Ricard. He points to a name on the missing list. “Pepe was my three year-old son, my only child,” he states. He leads me to a large pile of rubble. Somewhere in the debris lies little Pepe and the concrete house he perished in. A concrete house that Ricard himself…

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