Opinion: Doing something about tragedy



Often in times of troubling news, people struggle to come to terms with the significance of a tragedy. So as word continually streams in from southeast Asia about Typhoon Haiyan, it is disconcerting to hear, but hard to react to.

Quite often, the tiny voice whispers something to the tune of, “What does my vote matter?” or “What can my small contribution do?” Individually, this is not an absurd thought process. But when it becomes a part of the collective conscience of a people, it becomes troublesome.
Humans inherently are not moved to action unless they are made to think that they can make a difference. This may sound over-generalized, but it is part of the very socialized surroundings that most humans inhabit.
There is no doubting the abundance of compassion and empathy with which some people act within the world today. These people do many things on this…

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