The Heart of a Disaster – Episode 3 – Run to the Hills

Lighting Darker Paths


To state that Filipinos were caught out by a Typhoon is akin to saying Saudi’s were surprised by a heat wave, or Siberians were found out by a snowstorm. Filipinos host approximately ten to twelve typhoons a year. If the U.S. has tornado alley, then the Philippines live in the middle of a typhoon four-lane highway. So, what was it about Yolanda??

To appreciate the strength of 300km wind, just look at how it shred giant Cathedrals, warehouses and other constructions like wet paper. Survivors told me that encountering these winds was like standing next a plane engine in full flight. Gil of Palo Village said the wind’s pressure was so intense it was like being punched repeatedly in the ear. He said rooms and windows in his house were exploding in front of his eyes like a Hollywood movie. But it was not only the wind causing havoc; it…

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