The Heart of a Disaster – Snapshots

Lighting Darker Paths


The team that sent us down to the Visayas, Akbayanihan had sent down several volunteer groups soon after the Yolanda struck. They continue to work side by side with the locals to rebuild the communities.

Ep4 - Akbayanihan1

Ep4 - Akbayanihan2

Ep4 - Akbayanihan3

Oriental Hotel

Like the Boxing Day tsunami, Yolanda did not discriminate between locals and tourists as these photos of the Oriental Hotel outside of Tacloban City reveal.

Ep4 - Oriental Hotel1

Ep4 - Oriental Hotel2


Faced with isolation and starvation immediately after the storm, the people of the Visayas are eternally grateful for the aid they have received.

Ep4 - Aid1

Ep4 - Aid2

Ep4 - Aid3

The Washing Dead

There was no peace from Yolanda’s storm surge for those buried in the cemetary next to the ocean. I would hate to have been the guy responsible for putting these bodies back.

Ep4 - Washing Dead2

Ep4 - Washing Dead1


Previously Leyte’s most infamous moment was when General MacArthur and the US Army reclaimed the island from the Japanese in 1944 during WW2.

Ep4 - MacArthur2

Ep4 - MacArthur1

The Selfies

Ep4 - selfie1

Ep4 - selfie2

Ep4 - selfie3



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