An afFAIR to remember!

Illinois Philippine Recovery Operations 2014

We would like to announce that we have one confirmed group who will be rendering a service at the Jan. 25 fair!

The service vendors – called artist booths at the 2012 SenDong All Our Love fundraiser – are what make this fundraiser unique! Groups or individuals are given a table and give “customers” – fair attendees – a service for free; customers “buy” the service for donation.

In 2012, SenDong had six artist booths: Gejr Photography Professional Portraits, BigHugs Photobooth, Cafe Ysabella Poemletters, facials and makeovers by Aethereal Adornment, feather hair extensions by Gaite Salon, and Martial Arts in 30 Minutes by the Defensor Method.

We are pleased to announce that the first group to confirm service is Defensor Method!

DM will be offering Filipino Martial Arts lessons to fair attendees again this year.


Defensor Method of Filipino Martial Arts
Waukegan, IL
Nate Defensor, Crystle Dino, Jessie Santiago, Mike Querubin…

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