How you can help Haiyan victims – microfinancing rice

Future Tacloban


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As a direct result of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), thousands of provincial rice growers have lost their crops, and replanting will be difficult without finance. Rappler reports that the Philippines will not be self-sufficient in rice this year. Encouraging self-sufficiency has got to be among the highest priorities, and in doing so perhaps the demand for food aid can diminish.

One way that readers can help is to provide microfinance for farmers wanting to plant rice this season, but who are unable to finance the cost of seed rice and fertilizer themselves.

There is a high demand for microfinancing – P2000 to P5000 (US$50 – $125) per farmer helps small growers get started. Ideally potential lenders need a link to a relative in Leyte or Samar province who can act as an agent to verify the credentials of local applicants and to supervise distribution of the funds.

If the crop is successful…

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