My Starbucks Planner

Starbucks Planner help Yolanda survivors! Cool!

Bijou Bon Vivant

It has been my indulgence to work on getting the Starbucks Planner every year. Starting last November 2, 2013, I have been collecting stickers. The first booklet I completed, I got the Magenta planner. Being the coffee fanatic that I am, I decided to give this first planner to my mom since I know she loves collecting notebooks and almost all types of paper products. I was thinking, I could always get another Magenta planner.

FYI, there are a number of reasons why I wanted the Magenta planner. First, it’s the closest to red which happens to be my favorite color. Second, it’s also the lucky color for 2014. Third, the bookmark is a Vinta that signifies travel; and I kind of wanted 2014 to be a year of travel for me.

I delayed claiming my second planner. And when I got around to it, it was no longer available…

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