Bangon Visayas

We set up our clinic in what appears to be an old school hall. The people from Victo National in Basey have done an amazing job of cleaning up. It was filled with mud from the storm surge and now you could eat your food off the tiles on the floor.

No sooner are we set up than patients start pouring in. Sixty plus patients in the first wave.

The presentations vary……

  • hyperglycaemic, insulin washed away
  • infected wounds
  • stress headaches
  • musculoskeletal strains and pains
  • lots of coughs and chest infections
  • lots of kids
  • lots of asthma.
  • and some trauma……..

A 49 yr female presents with R) chest wall pain with haemoptysis. She looked crook. She had been struck in the side of the chest by a fallen tree during the typhoon. Came by motorbike > 30kms. Auscultation reveals no air movement on r) side. Atelectasis, pus and pain.

Treatment – morphine…

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