Post-Holiday Haiyan Update

Social Madi

The end-of-year holidays came and went, and the province of Leyte, Philippines continues to grow stronger.

The DDC Group has transferred approximately 400 employees plus their families from Leyte to Manila for food, shelter and the opportunity to work.

In Manila, we have hired approximately 200 new employees from a pre-established pool to work alongside the Leyte transplants to fulfill the production needs for the Leyte-based projects. Additionally, the two new spaces we have acquired in Manila (the 16th floor in Summit Building and the One San Miguel office) are both 100% up and running with approx. 500 workstations.

As of January 1, all projects that were affected reached 100% pre-typhoon capacity.
 We are immensely appreciative of all of our clients, as they have shown nothing but incredible class and grace during this time.

The DDC Group’s team in Manila deserves special recognition, as they have done an absolute spectacular job…

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