Malapascua island

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It’s hard to imagine exactly what Malapascua island was like on November 7th last year, the day before typhoon Yolanda (aka Haiyan in Vietnam where we were at the time). And thanks to lots of hard work by the islanders and aid agencies, it’s also hard to imagine what it must have been like on November 9th. Considering Malapascua was on the direct path of one of the worst typhoons ever which killed over 4000 people, it is amazing that no one died here. Other Philippine islands were not so fortunate.

Apparently a major difference still noticeable is the loss of trees; only the sturdiest palm trees survived and even they generally only have leaves left on the side furthest from the direction the wind blew. Those which fell, either lie upturned on the beach or have been chopped up and stacked in neat piles. Dotted around the island now…

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