Off to Tacloban: Hearts and Smiles for Kids

Emjae Fotos | Travel and Photo Blog

We all knew what happened on the 8th of November 2013. This day a super typhoon hit the Philippines so badly that people will never forget the name Yolanda again or internationally known as Haiyan. One of the worst hit areas in the Visayas was the city of Tacloban where I spent 4 years of my college life in UP.

988758_600331943357521_1259462816_nA day after the disaster, a number of University of the Philippines – Tacloban alumni (which happened to be my batchmates) based in Manila and their close friends met to share news, stories and updates about the status of their family and hometown. They founded a group named Bulig Isko and started to organize relief operations and coordinated with several people here and abroad for help. They were able to send trucks of relief goods, hygiene packages and aide to different parts of Eastern Visayas week after week.


I grabbed the opportunity…

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