chunky heart



As I’m driving in a van full of people on my way to the airport, leaving Cebu Philippines, I breath in the fresh stench of the city. It’s grown to be a comforting smell. Depending where you are, you may get a whiff of sewage, fish, motor oil, or a certain ocean breeze fragrance. The combo of smells places me in the country that stole a chunk of my heart (I don’t know how to accurately explain it without sounding cheesy.) Filipinos showed me resilience, sacrificial hospitality, smiles in the midst of devastation, and a subtle yearning for encouragement. I made hilarious and kind-hearted friends every where I traveled. The city of Tacloban (destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda) is making huge strives towards rebuilding. It will be years. The government in charge of handing out relief is hugely corrupt. But, in the one month I was in the Philippines, I saw…

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