The Sights, Smiles, and Stories of Samar

In Transit

Traveling would be my story. This was my resolution at the beginning of 2013.

Like any restless 20-something year old, I had a bucket list, and I was set on going after the ultimate dream: to travel, see the world, to be constantly amazed by its many wonders.


The journey took me to unbelievable places, and it was a different story each time. I had gotten hopelessly lost in a city during a big festival; swung like Tarzan in a magical island; painted my whole face black and danced until the sky faded into darkness; and watched teary-eyed as an entire night sky filled with floating lights.

The story keeps changing and evolving every time; if there is one thing I am absolutely sure of, it is that I would always be surprised.

DSC_4492nefIn February, I found myself in Samar, one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines…

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