Post Yolanda – Recovery and Rejuvenation of Luyang


Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda as it is known locally, was a devastating weather event which left thousands dead and millions displaced. Homes and even whole towns were annihilated, livelihoods destroyed and children left orphaned and lost. If you divide the Philippines into thirds, picture the middle third of our nation in ruins. As many affected areas were remote communities and islands, it is not surprising that there are still bodies being found amongst the wreckage, and many communities without power or water. We all watched in horror and sadness, and then offered money, time and energy to try and help. Its about 4 months on now from the typhoon, and the press have gone home. People still talk about Yolanda and I wondered whether recovery was really happening.

Craig, a friend from Water Missions was back to check on the status of work they have done to get clean water…

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