Tacloban Typhoon Relief

Pauline Lacanilao

Pauline Lacanilao worksfor an organization that serves impoverished Filipino children — many of whom survived the recent supertyphoon (Haiyan/Yolanda). Here are some pictures from the various projects she is working on in and around Tacloban City.

Pauline’s coworker, Abi, walks a teenager named Chat back to her home inTacloban’sbeachside neighborhood of San Jose. Chat has a rare infection, that has worsened since the storm, which makes it difficult for her to walk.


Aika is 3 years old, she lives in a valley in Tacloban called Utap, and has cerebral palsy. Pauline’s organization is providing Aika with medical care; they also built this house whereAika’sfamily lives.


Another construction project in TaclobanCity.

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