Houses for the People of Tanauan Leyte: Pray for My Trip 20-24 March 2014

One Day At A Time

This simple drawing was what Ptr Joel started with, plus a heart full of love and compassion for the people of Tanauan Leyte:

Proposed House Model TanauanEach house costs about Php82,000 (material & labour), just under S$2,500, and takes about 12 days to build. The plan is to construct at least 20 such houses this year. These are not limited to Ptr Joel’s church members only but will be extended to others in need too, whether Christians or not. In his own words, “My goal with this project is to provide decent homes for my members and also reach the unbelievers who lost their homes. And disciple them to become Christians.”

Since connecting with Ptr Joel in January, we have communicated very well. By God’s grace, people have also responded to this initiative. To date, four houses are being built and work has just begun on the 5th house. See how one simple…

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