Tribute To Deceased Public Servant Heroes

Honor Awards Program

The Pamanang Lingkod Bayani (PLBi) Executive Committee has initially selected 11 beneficiaries of the PLBi program, four of whom were public servants who died in the line of service in the midst of Yolanda storm surge in Tacloban City.

CSC Resolution No. 1302553, promulgated on November 29, 2013, provides for the guidelines on the giving of tribute to government officials and employees who were killed in the line of duty or those who died while in the performance of their official duties. Each beneficiary family will receive a citation, cash reward and scholarships in state universities and colleges.

The PLBi special recognition for the four deceased public servants brought about by typhoon Yolanda is set on April 11, 2014 in Tacloban City and will be done by the PLBi Executive Committee.


The PLBi Executive Committee is chaired by Commissioner Nieves L. Osorio (second from the left) together with Assistant Commissioner…

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