Yolanda – The face of hope

No Big Deal


A trio of women are clapping and cooing.

“Ngisi! Ngisi! (smile, smile)” they call in high pitched voices.
They’re trying to get the wide-eyed child in front of them to smile.

“We call her Yolanda – that’s her nickname,” says Artilyn, the girl’s mother.
“She’s our angel.”

The little girl, born just two days after Typhoon Haiyan, is the face of hope for this family.


Artilyn was 10 days overdue when the typhoon warnings were issued in Tacloban city.

“The village police warned us that the storm would be strong and we would have evacuate. But my mother refused to go. She told me to stay home too – I was so pregnant. She said ‘if it’s the will of God, we should all stay and die here’,” Artilyn says. “But my husband insisted we go.”

Together with her 14-year-old sister and her three other children, Artilyn walked…

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