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Philippines Typhoon Relief

Ok so it’s been over a 2 and a half weeks since our last post. Quite a lot has happened in that time and we’ve been meaning to update this blog but due to lack of Internet and spare time this hasn’t happened. The local infrastructure is still pretty spotty here since Yolanda hit but crews are working to fix the power and Internet connections, so hopefully we can keep posts a little more regular in the future…

So when we arrived in Tacloban on Thursday we had no idea what exactly to expect, seeing as it has been over three months since Yolanda hit. As we it closer to the ground it became clear that there was still a massive amount of work to be done. The airport itself proved to be a pretty accurate representation of the state of the area in general, functional yet ruined. The airport…

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Princess Pepay

Last Sunday, I joined a 5k color fun run with some friends to help in raising fund for children of Yolanda victims to go back to school. It’s also my first time to join a color run so I was really excited. We finished the 5k in more than an hour because we did more walking, picture taking than running. Haha!


After the run, we lined up for the giant inflatable slide. It looked so fun and so we tried it.  And yes, it was indeed fun.


But after the slide, it wasn’t fun anymore. We didn’t know that the slide was hot and going down, my arms rubbed to the hot surface. I felt like I was starting a fire with the effect of friction. I got wounded badly that I screamed in pain when I took a shower.

photo 2 (1)photo 1 (1)

I asked God what He was trying to teach me…

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Roof For Relief Program

Kyle Christopher Liu CAS blog

Roof For Relief Program

Time: 5 hours

Where: Medellin, North of Cebu

When: December 16, 2013

Planning: A few months after I heard about the devastation caused by the typhoon, I still felt like there was more to be done. I started out by contacting any organisations who had any programs which involved helping the victims. I soon found out about Gawad Kaligna’s Roof For Relief Project which was giving out roofs to families who were affected by the typhoons so that they may have a roof over their heads that Christmas. I was eager to help. I immediately singed up. Instead of going to Singapore, my family decided that we would use the money all on roofs for the victims for the typhoon. That made me feel very happy to be able to share joy with others.

*Gawad Kaligna (A Philippine based poverty alleviation movement) Read more about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gawad_Kalinga.

Process: With…

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Yolanda Relief

Three in One


PSHF Bacolod Staff visited three areas in just one day last November 30 to deliver relief housing materials and donated clothes to PSHF clients affected by the typhoon.

During initial visits we were able to talk to the people and see the damage for ourselves. Most of the house roofings had been blown upward, torn away and crumpled by the wind. Furniture and clothes got wet during the typhoon; little boys wore girls’ clothes since most of their clothes could no longer be used.
Our clients belong to poor communities thus they cannot afford to buy housing materials; crumpled tin sheets have holes or damage. People are more concerned with what they are going to eat and drink. Fallen trees and electrical posts resulted in no electricity for weeks which meant difficulty in communicating with relatives in other places. Drinking water was also a problem because the wells and water…

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Habitat For Humanity: Project Rebuild Daan Bantayan

Kyle Christopher Liu CAS blog

Time: 16 hours

Where: Daan Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines

When: February 17, 18 & 19

Planning: Every year, our school organizes field trips to help the community. Each grade level was assigned a trip. This year was different. After recent tragedies, the school took major safety precautions to ensure the safety of its students. There were still field trip options available but this time the students choose what they wanted to participate in.

Most of the choices were day trips to help build composts pits for schools a mere 5 min away from ours. To me, one option stood out the most from the others. It was a 3 day overnight trip to Daan bantayan,which is  located south of Cebu. The relief efforts would be in partnership with a project of the Habitat For Humanity Group. I really wanted to be involved in this trip because I have never been to Daan bantayan and…

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On a write-up about CHARIS Foundation’s Make A Child Smile (MACS) project for Yolanda victims (6 months after)

Taking Chances

Taking Chances:

“On a write-up about CHARIS Foundation’s Make A Child Smile (MACS) project for Yolanda victims (6 months after)”

Note: It is already more than 6 months after Typhoon Yolanda hit central Philippines and most of the victims are still on the road to recovery. Posting here below is a write-up which I failed to post previously. It is a rather long blog entry since it was originally intended to fill one column space of a broadsheet. It is about a project we did in CHARIS Foundation to help uplift the spirits of the typhoon victims in our own little way.  Anyways, if you have time, you might find it worthwhile reading until the end. (By the way, the photos near the end were taken during the MACS Project in DSWD-run center in Fabella, Mandaluyong where some Yolanda evacuees took shelter. The event took place on January 19, 2014.)…

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The Prudence Foundation: Santa Fe Rebuild, Post-Typhoon Yolanda, Philippines


BeforeAfterMuch afterSanta Fe, Bantayan IslandIn partnership with the Santa Fe municipal authority, Habitat for Humanity and Prudential’s CSR The Prudence Foundation, a team of 100+ Prudential Asia volunteers spent a week on Bantayan island, as part of the Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan relief effort.  Targeting sustainable housing, as well as sustainable livelihoods, 135 disaster-resilient homes, 183 motorised fishing boats and 140 pedicabs were donated, as well as manpower to kick start the initiative.  On the building site itself it was more about human chaining bricks for substantial amounts of time; carrying sand / water / cement; mixing cement (7:5:1, in case you’re wondering); and laying bricks.  Surprisingly satisfying – if you need any walls building, please let me know.  March 2014.

[Really very unfortunate that the screenshot has frozen at this exact moment. Ndlr]

Single: Charity (Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan Recovery) [feat. Arnel Pineda]:


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Entry No. 5: Peer Review Activity (and more!)

Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan 6 Months On

Stories From The Field


Half a year after the worst storm to ever make landfall hit the Visayan islands in the Philippines, ShelterBox is still aiding Filipino families whose lives and livelihoods were shattered on 8 November 2013. 

Typhoon Haiyan was a statistical and logistical nightmare. 14 million people faced its fury, and over 6,000 of them lost their lives. In the aftermath over a million homes lay destroyed or damaged, with 3.4 million people displaced and homeless. Communications and power lines had been severed, with roads, ports and airports unusable. 

Six months have passed since the typhoon, during which more than 100 ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) volunteers have worked in shifts to deliver aid to over 7,000 families, many of them in remote island communities. Almost 6,800 received tents, but in its most complex response ever to a natural disaster, ShelterBox also provided other non-food items including 10,000 solar lights, 870 water filtration…

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