Climate change and extreme weather events: Views from a Haiyan survivor


“Of course, climate change caused Yolanda (local name for Haiyan)”, says Julius, whose family is a survivor of the super typhoon that hit the Philippines almost six months ago.

Julius is my colleague from a University organization. During the [chat] interview, he recalls how he lost many of his relatives and friends because of Haiyan, how their family had to relocate, and how this affected their livelihood.

Photo from View from above. Satellite capture shows how ‘extreme’ Haiyan was. (Photo from

The super typhoon is said to be the world’s strongest (yet).

The current ~0.9 C increase in the world’s temperature allows tropical cyclones to intensify. This could get worse as the ocean absorbs more CO2. Warmer oceans mean faster evaporation rates and more water vapor, leading to stronger typhoons.

How much do people know

Haiyan shocked the whole world, and opened the eyes of many about climate change. For…

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