The Prudence Foundation: Santa Fe Rebuild, Post-Typhoon Yolanda, Philippines


BeforeAfterMuch afterSanta Fe, Bantayan IslandIn partnership with the Santa Fe municipal authority, Habitat for Humanity and Prudential’s CSR The Prudence Foundation, a team of 100+ Prudential Asia volunteers spent a week on Bantayan island, as part of the Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan relief effort.  Targeting sustainable housing, as well as sustainable livelihoods, 135 disaster-resilient homes, 183 motorised fishing boats and 140 pedicabs were donated, as well as manpower to kick start the initiative.  On the building site itself it was more about human chaining bricks for substantial amounts of time; carrying sand / water / cement; mixing cement (7:5:1, in case you’re wondering); and laying bricks.  Surprisingly satisfying – if you need any walls building, please let me know.  March 2014.

[Really very unfortunate that the screenshot has frozen at this exact moment. Ndlr]

Single: Charity (Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan Recovery) [feat. Arnel Pineda]:

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