organized chaos.

Serendipity in the Philippines. I have stopped questioning what brought me to this particular place in the world. It certainly wasn’t the result of a grand quest by any means. The wheels were in motion when I first applied for an internship in Jamaica almost one year ago. As fate would have it, I was reassigned. All I knew was this: in spite of the earthquakes, the brownouts, floods, typhoons, and more brownouts, I couldn’t have been more grateful to be where I was, right there in Iloilo City. Words escape me when I think about the people I met in those 7 months, and the scenes I saw in those final two. It is my sincerest hope that no one will ever have to endure the variety of nature’s torment as Filipinos do. Truth be told, I don’t think any other people in the world could shoulder that kind…

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