A New Beginning for the Victims of Yolanda: UNTV and Equinet Concur to Build Deep Well Water System in 100 areas in the Visayas Region

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The prayers of many Yolanda victims for clean, potable water are answered when UNTV and Equinet Architectural and Engineering Support inked a Memorandum of Agreement to put up deep well water system in various areas of Central Philippines  affected by the super typhoon.

Mr. Tony Habana and Mr. Ralph Walker, Managing Directors of Equinet, signed the agreement in behalf of the company.

Equinet representatives voiced their great sympathy towards the victims of Typhoon Yolanda which killed around 7000 men, women and children.

Clean water is among the top necessities as most of the areas were washed away by the typhoon that hit the country during the last quarter of 2013, rendering the facilities unusable and the water system unfit for drinking.

In their search for ways to be part of the solution for the victims of the calamity, Equinet initiated talks with UNTV with regards to how they can be of use…

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