Smile, it’s not the end of the world

Of thoughts and dreams and visions

Doubt, anxiety, and fear. Those were the three things people felt after the storm. Three of quite a few.

Many of those few things that people felt all the the same time weren’t good things. While it is rather unsurprising, it is also telling of what could’ve have happened to the people of this town.

When any tragedy comes, people can react to it in at least two ways. Either they break down in tears and never get back up, or they stand up before they can begin to fall down.

Too many people choose the former because it is that which might be easier. They could simply stop and forget the world. Forget that they have gone through something incredibly terrible and lived through it. Forget everything and go down deeper into their own oblivion.

People do that a lot. It is nothing more than what can be expected…

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