These are some of what we are doing (with your help)…

Helping hands for Tacloban

There is still a lot to do in Tacloban and the surrounding areas impacted by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) last November. Although there has been some progress in helping people rebuild their lives (millions were displaced, lost property and livelihood, to say the least), it has been excruciatingly sloooow. Unbelievably also, there are a number of areas that have barely been  helped at all.

So, as Helen and I keep looking at specific projects we can undertake and focus on that would have real (and immediate) impact on the survivors’ lives, we keep uncovering many heartbreaking, even infuriating, stories. But we push on. What we are doing is identifying these potential projects and beneficiaries, try to reach them even before my trip in late June and then, when my son and I get there, meet with them (and consult with people around,  friends, family members and community leaders) and (although it…

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