Tent City Kids

Ian Delgado

These kids are survivors of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Their homes and all things they own were blown away so they now live in tents. They’re all from Tanauan which is one of the most affected areas.

tentcity2-2 Kids falling in line for the games.

They lack food, water, clothing materials, etc. so we went to their place to give some food and stuff. We also played with the kids to let them forget even just for a few hours the sufferings they always face everyday. What await these kids when they grow up? Only time can tell.


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World Humanitarian Day 2014

Stories From The Field

sdf Bantayan Island, Philippines. November 2013. (Simon Clarke/ShelterBox)

Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded and also one of the strongest storms to ever make landfall. It has left a wake of destruction that still means families are dealing with a loss of shelter some nine months on. ShelterBox was quick to respond to the disaster and still has a presence in the region, working with partners to provide other types of aid that are more suited to the current need. 

ShelterBox videographer John Jones was part of a team who revisited the Philippines in July to meet with families who had received aid following Typhoon Haiyan. Here are his reflections:

‘There is one photograph that, for me, best describes the work our supporters do to help families who lose their homes. It was taken ten days after Typhoon Haiyan swept across the Philippines in November last…

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Typhoon Yolanda Survivor of Last Year, a Filipino CPA Examination Topnotcher Today

Moving forward

Out of 5,540 CPA hopefuls who took the CPA Licensure Examinations only 1, 107 made it and of course, 1 has emerged on the top place.

Rommel Rhino Edusma, 25, a graduate of Asian Development Foundation College has 94.7% rating placing him on the topnotch.

What is more interesting with this man is that, aside from him being able to ace the CPA examination, he has survived the wrath of nature as well. He is one of those who survived typhoon Yolanda or typhoon Haiyan which is one of the strongest typhoons ver recorded in the histyory of humankind.

Yes, the calamity that typhoon Yolanda may have brought and caused turmoil to the lives of the people of Tacloban, but many has also been enlightened on the realizations that after losing the things that we have and hold on to, there is hope.

So guess the saying There’s a rainbow…

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Assessing the impact of humanitarian relief assistance – a challenge and an opportunity

Perspectives in Development and Evaluation

The Asian Development Bank and 3ie have produced a video lecture series on impact evaluation, one of which I’ve posted here in light of challenges faced by evaluators of humanitarian assistance programs (e.g. Haiyan).

The complete series are on the impactevaluation2014 conference website here.

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