Remembering YolandaPH, Victims, Survivors

Pinoy Astro Boy

November 8, 2013 – I can still vividly remember I was sitting in my dorm’s sala area and my eyes are glued in the television set. As i waited for news to flash and more information about the devastation that the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has made over the place where I once called home – Leyte/Samar. Tears falling  is an underestimation of what I exactly feeling that moment.

Knowing that the people whom I considered as my family and have accepted me during my stay there as church worker, are desperately in need of help, I immediately came up with an idea of asking my friends for donations, whatever they can give just for me to start something that I can do for them. And with the help of kind people (most of them I do not personally know), together with my friends, we were able to raise funds to…

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