Yolanda rehab faster than Aceh

The Lonely Voice

No less than the Asian Development Bank is astonished at the pace the Philippine government achieved in the rehabilitation efforts in Yolanda hit areas. According to the ADB,  “rehabilitation efforts in Eastern Visayas were even “moving faster” than what was seen during the earthquake and tsunami that struck Aceh, Indonesia, 10 years ago, said ADB Vice President on East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Stephen Groff.” See Rappler report.

Accordingly, ADB was expecting a 5-6 year reconstruction which it said is the norm in disasters such as Yolanda. But ADB took note that the reconstruction in Yolanda hit areas were just being done in less than a year.

Indeed, the government of President Aquino III had made tremendous efforts in easing the problem of the people in the disaster areas. But the efforts may not be that 100% perfect.

There is the question of building permanent homes to the…

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