Super Typhoon Yolanda – One Year Anniversary

Alabang Ladies International Group, Inc.

It’s the one year anniversary of Super Typhoon Yolanda’s (Hainan) destructive visit to the Philippines.  Yolanda left a loss of lives and livelihoods in her wake and the country still struggles through recovery.

Despite the tragic and widespread losses, Filipinos are noted for their resilience, for their ability to smile in the face of tragedy.  Undas, or All-Saints and All-Souls days, November 1 and 2, is typical of this where families congregate around the graves of their departed combining a fiesta-like atmosphere with mourning (or turning mourning into a Fiesta?)

In this spirit, ALIG wanted to reach out to its extended family with another Thank You for supporting our Yolanda relief efforts and celebrate what ALIG accomplished with your help.

I wasn’t personally involved in ALIG’s massive effort (other than dropping off toothbrushes and flip flops,) but what impresses me, and why I want to celebrate the accomplishments…

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