Bottle Boats

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If typhoon Yolanda is the strongest typhoon in the world, then Philippines is the strongest country.

Annually, the Philippines experiences 20 typhoons that regularly hit the Archipelago. There has always been cases of landslide, storm surge, and flooding that Filipino people encounter. Just like the unforgettable typhoons that hit the country, Typhoon Frank, Pablo and of course who will ever forget super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that took thousands of lives and wrecked a lot of properties.

One of the many reasons why rescue is always delayed and many lives have been wasted because the government lacks rescue facilities that may help the victims. Specifically, boats that can be used to transport people frmansunides-main-610x406om flooded areas. Early evacuation maybe the best possible solution that we can make but what if just like what happened in Yolanda that even evacuation centers are washed will be repeated? Also, with these boats we can transport…

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